Gwen Turner






About Me:
I graduated from an M.A. illustration (university of the arts, with distinction) in 2009 on which I undertook a personal project, creating the groundwork for my own graphic novel series. Before that I was working professionally for major showcase youth theatre productions as a designer. I also hold a B.A. in Theatre Design. I love the theatre precisely because one cannot catch hold of its ephemeral nature; it holds the magic in its very own passing moment.

I create most of my artwork with a filmic approach, looking at the whole environment, considering location, atmosphere and characters within an overall design. I also like to draw simple spontaneous scenes and characters, animal or human. I use pen and ink mostly and often experiment with photography and merging photo/mixed collage.

Please visit my blog on which I show new work/commissions, air ideas and thoughts about work in progress, my graphic novel series, drawings, storyboard cartoon sequences and photography inspiration.

Gwen Turner